How do we want to live? How will we reconcile work, research, living and recreation in the future? How will nature and expansion coexist? Urbanisation with ecology? ls change the new green? With the motto »Where Ideas Grow«, the Würzburg State Horticultural Show, which takes place in 2018 from April 12 to October 7, invites its visitors to approach precisely these questions in a curious, playful, researching and indeed amazed way.

At Eye-Level with the Fortress
Just two kilometers away from Würzburg’s city centre, at eye-level with the historic Fortress Marienberg, interested visitors can not only experience rare plants and blossoming landscapes, but also get to know a location for new ideas – 95 hectares of opportunities and potential. In an area with changeful history, the new district of Hubland – featuring a large park, diverse types of housing, central facilities and a social infrastructure – is being constructed. This is a district that will strengthen the city of Würzburg as a center of knowledge and work and will make it an even more attractive place to live.

Starting Point for Flight-Pioneers and US Forces Base
In addition to numerous thematic gardens, trends around nature and the art of gardening, urban gardening and mobility, as well as attractive play and adventure areas, visitors of the Landesgartenschau can also embark on a journey through time. The exhibition will lead through the multifaceted history of this area, which was once a potato field, then the Galgenberg, starting point of flight pioneers and finally a US forces base.

Under the Sign of the Butterfly
Würzburg’s Landesgartenschau 2018 will be much more than a classic horticultural show – it will be asking questions, showing possible forms of urban life, and inviting people to participate in the shaping of the future. Under the sign of the butterfly, which symbolizes change, agility and inspiration like no other creature, a habitat is being created on the Würzburg plateau, which is a think-tank, a future laboratory and impulse generator and which will quite possibly soon set an example for the region, the country and far beyond these.

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