Every year, countless events in the Wadden Sea area celebrate the area´s biodiversity and the outstanding universal value of the World Heritage site. The activities listed below are only a small selection. For more information, visit www.waddensea-worldheritage.org.

Brent Geese Days
In April/May, huge flocks of brent geese can be observed at the Wadden Sea, as they prepare for the trip to their summering grounds. Since 1998, the small communities of the Halligen Islands, in cooperation with nature protection agencies and the National Park Service, have invited visitors to experience the impressive natural show of the departure of geese to the Arctic region. For more information, visit www.ringelganstage.de.

Geese Weeks
In April/May, huge flocks of brent and barnacle geese can be observed at the Wadden Sea, as they prepare for the trip to their summering grounds. On the island of Neuwerk they count up to 18,000. Visitors can participate in bird watching and other activities about and around this nature spectacle. All events are free of charge. www.nationalpark-wattenmeer.de/hh

World Heritage Weekend
Every year in June, the World Heritage sites in the Netherlands, including the Wadden Sea, take part in the World Heritage weekend, with special activities and events for young and old. For more information, visit www.werelderfgoed.nl/en.

West Coast Vogelkiek
The “West Coast Vogelkiek” is a bird watching event along the Wadden Sea coast in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Every first weekend of October, the nature protection agencies in cooperation with the National Park Service offer various opportunities to experience the vast amount of bird flocks under the professional supervision of biologists, national park rangers and reserve carers. The detailed program will be published in August under www.westkuesten-vogelkiek.de.

Migratory Bird Days
The Migratory Bird Days in the National Wadden Sea Park of Lower Saxony create another highlight. At the second week of October, within 9 days, more than 250 different events from Greetsiel to Cuxhaven, from Borkum to Wangerooge showcase the significance of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Wadden Sea for the international migration of birds. For more information, visit www.zugvogeltage.de.

Sort Sol – Black Sun
A spectacle not to miss are the thousands of starlings creating black clouds at the evening sky at the Danish Wadden Sea. To celebrate their living art there are various events held in September and October. For more information, visit www.nationalparkvadehavet.dk/muligheder/sort-sol/

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